Rome Presbyterian Church & COVID
                             COVID Response Update – October 2, 2020                            

Because of the uptick in cases in Bradford County, we are reinforcing some of the practices we have put in place for gathering in worship.


Masks: We kindly request that you wear your mask at ALL TIMES while in the building. 


Hand Hygiene: Practice it!  We have hand sanitizer at each entrance.


Distance: We are moving the “front row” seating back even further.  The pastor will be more than 20 feet away from the nearest congregant while leading worship.  This is to allow the pastor to not wear a mask while leading worship.


Coffee: We will discontinue serving coffee for the time being.


Live Streaming:  If you are uncomfortable with any of this, we encourage you to watch from home. Our live streaming efforts are getting better each week! (There is a great team at work on this!) YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Please be where you feel most comfortable.


Note that we have had a household test positive for COVID.  They were last in worship on September 20th.  They were diagnosed on September 30th.  The church has been sanitized twice since the 20th.  The chairs, door handles, bathrooms, and all other touchable surfaces are clean.

Click the Button Below & Watch this video of what to expect as we now work together to worship safely INSIDE the building during COVID!  
Use these links to Watch us LIVE or catch a REPLAY! You can continue to View Sunday Worship Services & Nudge at Nine from your home!  
              Live Stream!       Worship Replay     Nudge at Nine Replay 


Whether you are brand new to the church thing, or have been around for a while, we want to say Welcome!  RPC is open to all people.  Our desire is that anyone can feel at home among us.
When you come to Rome Presbyterian Church, it is our goal that you be nurtured in your faith journey.  We hope you will be inspired to grow and Connect with the person of Jesus Christ, with other followers of Christ and, ultimately, with the larger community in order to make Jesus known.
You will find the coffee brewing and the hospitality waiting as you come to worship with us at RPC.  And we hope you will!

Our Pastor 


Our Ministry Staff