Our Social Hall is available to Rent!

The social hall is available for rent by the day, at $75 dollars. Renters must agree to abide by RPC’s policies, listed below:
  • Wash all tables used when finished.
  • Scrub & Put away all dishes used.
  • Sweep floors
  • Please combine all trash, (including restrooms) and place in dumpster.
  • Please NO tape or thumbtacks on/in walls or windows
  • Upon leaving, check all areas used by your group and make sure things are returned to how you found them.
  • Arrange tables and chairs as you found them, turn lights off and lock the door as you leave.
  • NO SMOKING INSIDE. **Take care of cigarette butts outside.
Please contact us through our phone number listed, OR through our Facebook Messenger account to rent the hall!!